Antimicrobial coatings

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We are approved applicators of the Touch Antimicrobial range of products, developed by Bromoco International.

These coatings are applied on site, typically to commonly used surfaces such as door handles, handrails, light switches, lift buttons and any hard surface that microbes and bacteria can grow, and multiply on.

It is known viruses, including Coronavirus, can be spread by a hand-surface-hand cycle process. Touch coatings will future proof the surfaces against all known bacteria, helping to break this contagious cycle.

The coatings are virtually invisible, and provide long lasting protection, setting at 2 points harder than granite, and the silver ion technology works to kill bacteria and other microbes.

The advantages of Touch Antimicrobial Coatings


These coatings are ideal in communal ‘danger zones’ where bacteria thrive and infections spread.



Already being used in high traffic areas such as, London Underground, Heathrow Airport & Burger King restaurants.


Reduce Bacteria by up-to 99%

Even antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE cannot survive on Touch Antimicrobial coated products.

Any high touch surfaces including; multiple-contact key pads and input terminals such as fast food restaurants, building entry key pads & card payment terminals, are just some of the applications. They are ideal for:

  • Public transport bus, train and tram doors, seating and hand rails
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Office, factory and mobile work settings including electrical office equipment
  • Hotel, leisure and retail sectors including gym equipment, shopping trolleys/baskets etc.
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Treatment surfaces in medical and veterinary surgeries
  • Equipment and surfaces in children’s nurseries

The latest Government guidelines encourage employers and building managers to take appropriate steps to care for the wellbeing of employees, and many Facilities managers and managers have implemented Touch Antimicrobial Coating technology as part of their control measures.

Touch Antimicrobial Coatings have been used by:

  • London Underground. Handrails.
  • Airports. All U.K. major airports, including Heathrow have their security trays coated.
  • Canary Wharf. CBRE office lift lobbies.
  • Burger King. Touch screen ordering terminals.
  • KFC. Touch screen ordering terminals.
  • Westminster. Government Buildings door handles and desks.