Clean as a Whistle Example

About Clean as a Whistle

At Clean as a Whistle we have over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry, focussing on the cleaning and restoration of metal cladding, throughout the U.K. We have over these years worked for a variety of clients from different business sectors, and have a large portfolio of successfully completed jobs, performed within the budget of our clients. Our knowledge of cladding systems means that we have developed cleaning methods, and use products that not only produce excellent results, but importantly do not damage the protective coating.



Having a large number of successfully completed projects in our work portfolio, we know the importance of identifying type of cladding system that has been used in the construction of your building, before planning a cleaning program. If the wrong cleaning techniques or products are used, then not only may the results be inferior, but the substrate could be damaged.

Free site survey & demonstration

In order to choose the correct working methods, and compatible detergents, we can arrange a free site survey, and demonstrate these methods in a test area. This helps to determine a standard of finish that you are happy with.


Minimal Disturbance

We understand that our clients need to continue to run their businesses even while their premises are being cleaned. Our cleaning methods use low pressure delivery keeping disturbance to a minimum.

Cost effective

Clean as a Whistle have devised efficient working practices that produce excellent results in a shorter time frame. This helps us to give value for money.