Soft washing

Soft Washing Services

What is Soft washing?

Soft washing is a revolutionary way to clean exterior surfaces without the potential of damage that comes with high pressure washing. Because of this it is safe, damage free, has longer lasting results and is therefor cost effective.


We use specially blended biodegradable cleaning solutions and biocides that are chosen for each job. These are then applied at low pressure using our specialist soft washing equipment. This is a treatment that not only cleans the surface, but because the spores are killed it also prevents organic matter regrowth, producing longer lasting results. Our Soft Washing Services is carried out by experts with years of experience, we take pride in delivering you the best service in Lincolnshire

Soft Washing Services

The advantages of Softwashing


Only low pressure & biodegradable chemicals are used. Can be used on all surfaces.

Cost effective

Kills the spores missed by power washing for long lasting results.

Minimal disruption

Less water is used than with pressure washing.

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