Render Cleaning Services

render cleaning services


Render Cleaning

Render is used across the UK on a number of modern buildings.

Airborne pollutants and atmospheric conditions mean that overtime these surfaces become infected with algae, moss and lichens which is not only unsightly, but can eventually attack the surface.

Many companies will use high pressure washing to remove the stains, but this can damage the substrate by driving moisture deep into the render.

These aggressive techniques don’t remove the infection, and the organic growth often returns quickly.

At Clean as a Whistle we use a process known as Softwashing.

We use our low pressure unit to gently, but effectively treat the cause of the discolouration, killing the spores and restoring the surface to an as new condition.

This eliminates the need for painting, and buildings that have been cleaned with the Softwashing method remain clean for longer.

The benefits of Softwashing over traditional methods are


Safety. Formulas are applied at low pressure so that the substrate is not damaged.


Minimal disruption

Minimal disruption. Lower volumes of water than pressure washing.


Results. The cause of the staining is treated, to bring an as new, natural finish.

Cost effective

Cost effective. Buildings stay cleaner for up to 3 times longer than traditional methods.

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